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Drone Services (UAV)

(UAV)Drones for Business & Commercial Services

We use Drones for Business and Commercial use to create current aerial inspections and imagery in the form of captured or streamed video and photography.   These photos and videos can be used for engineering, construction and maintenance projects.  As well as, promotional and advertising uses such as real estate.

Improve Safety and Efficiency

The Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) service provides customers access to an emerging technology that will enhance the safety of critical infrastructure inspections and produce a higher quality visual product in an efficient timely manner.  Drone usage can reduce the exposure to the risks associated with placing personnel in dangerous environments.

FAA Certified

Our DRONE service provides a clear path to navigate and comply with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) regulations, which apply to business and commercial drone usage.  Certified remote pilots can facilitate and manage the safe and legal image and data collection made possible through proper drone implementation.

FAA certified to use drones as part of our Enhanced Field Verification and Inspection Services.