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As an administrator you have an increasingly demanding responsibility to provide a safe and secure learning environment for your students.

Laws require you to have an Emergency Action Plan and there are many good guides to developing and revising your plan. These guides typically assume that you have current maps of your buildings to start from, and you probably do have some form of sketch or blueprint. But are your drawings accurate and comprehensive?

Many administrators find themselves with rolls of blueprints from the construction of building additions and renovations. Though the detailed information on the drawings is helpful in constructing and even maintaining the buildings, detail information can be a hindrance for general or safety uses. Construction drawings are not intended to provide a concise comprehensive look at your facilities, they are to instruct the contractor on how to arrange and assemble building components.

Day-to-day, a comprehensive building map will enhance communication with visitors, faculty and staff. In a crisis, a map is an indispensable tool that will reduce response times for emergency responders, by allowing you to calmly coordinate, clearly communicate and efficiently execute your emergency action plan.

At SJS, our technical experience of the many disciplines of drafting and understanding of the many uses of drawings allows us to offer a Building Mapping service. We can assist you in creating a current and comprehensive map of your facilities by measuring, sketching and/or converting existing blueprints and auditing.

Applications are infinite because we generate the maps in CAD. This makes maintaining the maps easy and inexpensive. Maps can be printed on numerous types of media, at different sizes, in black and white, or color.